Business Opportunities

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Business Opportunities

Being Singapore's First One Stop Durian Company, Four Seasons Durians is always looking for opportunities to work with people who are interested in growing the company and themselves.

Whether it is wanting to be a Franchisee or the need to look for a Supplier of food products, Four Seasons Durians is able to help you. 

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Since starting off as a durian fruits stall since 1998, Four Seasons Durians has grown to become the premier brand for durian products. From our famous durian puffs to our warm rich pancakes to being Singapore’s favourite Mao Shan Wang ice cream, we pride ourselves as durian specialist and treat durians as if it is a necessity to our everyday life.

If you are someone who love durians and have values similar to our Core Values, join us as an franchisee, where you have the ability to sell famous products and also the flexibility to operate the business as your own!


Having our very own factory in Singapore, the company have already manufactured and supplies to major brands (both durian and non-durian products) in the past years. If you are looking for a manufacturer of quality products, look to us for help! We pride ourselves in creating products that consumers cherish and love, looking out for you in the long-term because we believe that too.

We also supply durian puree, being a grower and importer of durians. You can have absolute trust that all our durians are 100% accurate and true to what we profess of.  Moreover, since the process of peeling and removing the puree of the durians is done by ourselves, we are able to guarantee that these purees are 100% durian as well, with no sugar or flavouring added.